Back From the Philippines
Dec 12th, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, I have just returned from visiting my sweetie Malen and the kids.  I was gone for about 18 days or so, and spent some of the time in the Condo in Quezon city (where Malen and the kids live), a few days with Malen’s family in Iloilo, a few days at a resort in Bohol, a couple of nights in Cebu City, and one day-trip to Camaya Coast.  I have not put up any pictures to our gallery here yet (“Our Pictures!” on the main menu), but Malen has uploaded a lot to our FaceBook page.  So, check them out!  It will take me some time to get them added here.

This time I flew on EVA Air, and the experience was mostly positive.  Unfortunately, their limited flight schedule from Seattle required a departure time of 1:00 AM.  On the return trip, I also had a 8-hour layover in Taipei.  I am returning again this March, and this time I am trying Asiana.

Weather in Sequim sucks right now, days are short, lots of rain, and depressing constant overcast.  About this time of year I always start counting the days until the Winter Solstice (12/21 or 12/22) – the shortest day of the year.  After that, the days will get a little longer each day.

Malen and I are still waiting for the decision on her annulment to be made and registered.  Then we can FINALLY begin the K1 Fiancee Visa process.  90 days from the Order of Decision, which was on 10/26/2010, is supposed to be the maximum amount of time before the decision is made.  Then there is a 15-day wait for the decision to be registered.  We checked on the status while I was there (after 30 days), but there was nothing new.  Malen will make another inquiry in January.

Leaving Today!
Nov 20th, 2010 by dadepfan

I’m heading out today to spend some time with Malen and the kids in The Philippines!  Candi-Louise will be staying with a neighbor, and my sister Sue will be staying here at my house for part of the time I am gone.

Malen and I are STILL waiting for the decision on her annulment.  It is due to be made anytime in the next 60 days.

Quick Update
Sep 25th, 2010 by dadepfan

Our trip to Taipei has been cancelled, but my late November, early December visit to see Malen and the kids is still on.

Meanwhile, we have verification from the lawyers that the final documents for her annulment were submitted on September 20th.  As we understand it, the standard time for a decision from the judge is 30 days, with a max of 45 days.  This means that by late October we should have the decision (mid November at the latest) and be able to begin the visa process!  However, if we have learned anything while going through this process, when it comes to time, nothing is absolute!


August Update
Aug 10th, 2010 by dadepfan

Today is Monday, August 9th.  Yeng’s appearance in Malen’s annulment case is actually next Tuesday, August 17th (not the 8th like I thought).  Malen and I are praying that there will be no more delays!

Meanwhile, here in Sequim, we are having a neighborhood yard sale next weekend (14th & 15th).  There will be 4 families participating.  I am hoping to get rid of a lot of my stuff and make some money.

I recently traded in my 1998 Toyota RAV4 for a 2002 Trailblazer.  Pretty much the same amount of mileage, but a newer and slightly larger vehicle, and with more features.

Please note that I has updated our photo site with pictures from my last trip to see Malen, and some pictures taken here in Sequim.

Summer is Here!
Jul 19th, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, dry weather has finally arrived in Sequim.  We have had a few hot days, but still mostly cool and windy. Currently we are in a morning-to-half-day fog loop that seems to happen every day.  At least, the plant life wild growth has slowed down some.  Most of my day is still spent on yard work however.

Malen’s annulment process seems never-ending!  Even though Malen has had her last appearance, the judge wants to see the “witness,” which is her daughter Yeng.  So, when the day came, the judge decided she wanted to go home and rescheduled Yeng’s appearance for August 8th.  Another month’s delay! Grrr!!

Malen and I have scheduled a small vacation together in Taipei, Taiwan for October, and I will go back to the Philippines in the November-December time-frame.  Hopefully, we will have finally started the K1 visa process by then (once the annulment is finally done).

My COBRA health insurance will run out at the end of September, so I am shopping for and individual plan.  It might end up being cheaper than my COBRA payments, but it will not include dental and vision (COBRA does).  After 16 months I will be eligible for Medicare.


Spring/Summer Update
Jun 29th, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, in a few days it will be July already!  I spent the end of May and the first half of June with Malen and the kids in the Philippines.  As always, it was great being together.  Every time I visit, being with the family feels more and more natural and right.  Malen and I are very well matched, and destined to be together.  I was in the Philippines for 22 days, which turned out to be one day past the limit!  Ooops!  Luckily, the immigration officer at the airport let me slide!

Malen’s annulment is still dragging on!  She had her “last” court appearance while I was there – twice!  It turned out that the May appointment was not for her, but for the psychiatrist instead!  They wanted to schedule her last appearance for July!!  After much hemming and hawing, Malen finally got the appearance scheduled for just before I was leaving in mid-June.  So, we had two bus trips to Zambalas, one with the kids and one without.  After I returned to Sequim, Malen found out that the judge wanted to meet with the “witness” (Malen’s oldest daughter – Yeng).  That was scheduled for the end of June, but was cancelled because the judge was in the hospital!  It is now scheduled for July 8th.  Malen’s lawyers claim that the time period for the judge to make her decision started with Malen’s last appearance in June, and was not extended because of Yeng’s appearance.  We shall see!

Meanwhile, back in Sequim….  The wet and cool weather has caused the grass and weeds to go wild!  While I was away, the yard went from freshly mowed to wild and woolly!  It was hard to see the dividing line between the maintained yard and the wild wetlands!  I have been working almost every day on the mowing, raking, and disposal of the mowed grass, and I am still not done!  Wow, this stuff grows fast when the weather is right in the spring!  I finally broke down and purchased a riding mower.  Pushing around the trimmer-mower, and then raking and disposing of the cut weeds and grass, just takes too much time and effort.

Because of the constant yard work, I have had to neglect things like my two blogs and processing and uploading pictures to our album, but look for that to be done in the near future.

Time Drags On!
May 6th, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, it seems like we have been waiting forever, but we are approaching the end of Malen’s Annulment process.  Reportedly, the final court date is the 25th of May.  After that we are hoping the final decision happens quickly.  Then we can finally jump into the next process – the K1 fiancee visa for Malen and the kids.  That will take another several months!  Malen and I are dedicated to each other, and to having the entire family here in the US, no matter how long it takes!

In other news, I will be spending another three weeks with the family in the Philippines at the end of this month.  We will visit Camaya Coast again and see how the construction is progressing.  Malen and I will also spend a few days either in Baguio (in the Philippines), or possibly Singapore.  If the annulment progresses rapidly, I may be able to bring the final documents back with me so I can include them in the K1 visa packet that I send in.

On the Sequim front, I feel like my mowing duties here have turned into one of those tasks that have to be started again as soon as you finish!  Like painting the Golden Gate bridge!  Everything grows so fast this time of year that it is difficult to keep up!  This is especially true when the weather is great for growing, but not so good for mowing.  We have had rain, clouds, and a whole lot of very strong wind.

On the health front, I am feeling pretty good.  I do have a problem with an encapsulated (frozen) shoulder, and I am doing some physical therapy.  However, this condition is one that just happens, and then goes away on it’s own.  But it can take up to three years.  I have not been doing much running lately because the yard work has been extensive and very physical.  My weight is up a couple of pounds from where I want it, and up about 8 pounds from a low I reached last year.  The good news is that it is still down almost 20 pounds from a high I reached a few years ago!

Still Waiting!
Mar 28th, 2010 by dadepfan

Malen and I found out recently that the final court date in her annulment will be near the end of May instead of April.  Yet another month we have to wait before we can start the US visa process.  It seems like we have been waiting forever.  Of course, it will be worth it.  A future together with myself, Malen, and the kids is a future worth waiting for, and something we will not give up on – ever.  But the waiting is hard.  Thank goodness for the Internet and programs like Skype!

On another front, I have finally uploaded all of my pictures from the most recent trip to the Philippines (January/February, 2010) and the three weeks Malen and I spent together.  The first week was spent in Hong Kong and Macau, China.  Yeng was with Malen and I, and we also visited Malen’s cousin.  Then we spent two weeks at Malen’s place in Quezon City, near Manila.  We also went on another day trip to Camaya Coast, this time with the entire family.

Use the “Our Pictures” link on the main menu at the left.  All the pictures that do not contain people (Malen, myself, and the kids) are in a new main album called “Philippines3“.  As usual, the pictures of family are in a sub-album under the “Dave, Malen & Family” main album, and the new sub-album is on the left, called “The Third Meeting!

Here Comes Spring!
Mar 18th, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, Spring is here and in the Sequim area that means the grass/weeds are growing – fast!  My 15 acres of land in Sequim is mostly designated wetlands, but my house sits on the acre or two that is not, and I have mowed about a third of that as a yard around the house.  This time of year the native grass and weeds start grown back with a vengeance, so mowing and raking becomes an almost-daily event.  I do not have a riding mower, and much of the cleared area is still too uneven and bumpy for a riding mower.  So, I use a DR Trimmer-Mower.  This works great, but leaves all the cut grass on the ground, so raking becomes the hardest part of the job.  The first mow of the spring, which is what I am doing now, requires raking because the grass has grown so much.  As spring turns to summer, it gets very dry in the Sequim area, and the growing slows down drastically.  In mid to late summer, everything is turning brown.  So, after the first mow, raking becomes less necessary.

Spring is also the time for thinking about landscaping, flowers, and other planting.  I have an area in the back yard where the septic system is located that has never grown in that well.  There are three round tank lids (green) and a wood post with control boxes on it.  I have ringed this teardrop-shaped area in with the scalloped cement blocks, and I am digging up the area inside (and around the tank lids and post), filtering the dirt to remove all the weeds, and spreading the filtered dirt back out.  I will be planting flowers and shrubs so that this will look like a small garden and hide all the septic stuff.

This is all pretty heavy work to do by hand, and my body is letting me know that I am 63 years old.  Aches, pains, kinks, and other inconveniences are proof that one is still alive!  LOL!  I am also having a load of dirt delivered so that I have a supply to use to fill in all the holes and dips in the area of the yard that was not leveled and smoothed last year (I had someone come in with heavy equipment to do this).

are proof that one is still alive!  LOL!  I am also having a load of dirt delivered so that I have a supply to use to fill in all the holes and dips in the area of the yard that was not leveled and smoothed last year (I had someone come in with heavy equipment to do this).

Back Home Again!
Feb 21st, 2010 by dadepfan

Well, I am back in Sequim after spending three weeks with my darling Malen.  We spent the first week in Hong Kong and Macau, China (along with Yeng – Malen’s oldest daughter).  We then spent the remaining two weeks at Malen’s place in Quezon City (near Manila).  Even though I got sick the last week, this was another wonderful time for Malen and me.  Whenever we are together, the fact that we were made for each other becomes more and more clear.  Now, we are both going thru hugging and kissing withdrawal!! 

We did also visit the site of our future vacation condo at Camaya Coast on one saturday.  Other than that, we spent some times at various malls, visited Malen’s place of work a couple of times, and did some fixing up of the condo where Malen is living (and will be buying as well).

Lot’s of pictures were taken, but I have none on my photo site yet.  However, Malen has uploaded many of them to our FaceBook page (DaveandMalen Desautel), so check them out!


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