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Elegant 3-Piece Cup And Saucer/Plate Set From Winterling Of Bavaria


Elegant 3-Piece Cup And Saucer/Plate Set From Winterling Of Bavaria DMu1518

This beautiful and elegant 3-piece luncheon or tea set from Winterling of Bavaria includes a 7 5/8 inch diameter plate, a saucer that is just under 6 inches in diameter, and a footed tea or coffee cup that stands 2 1/2 inches tall. The cup is 4 7/8 inches wide with the handle and with a 4 1/8 inch diameter at the rim and a 1 3/4 inch diameter at the footed base. The Winterling mark indicates a manufacture date sometime after 1950, and the "Rosiau" pattern name appears on the bottom of all three pieces. However, the pattern of this name pictured on Replacements.com is similar but not exact (the gold circular objects around the rims are substantially different). All three pieces have a ring of gold gilt circular objects (I call the sun bursts) around the outside areas, and gold trim on the rims. The cup also has gold trim on the handle and around the footed base, while the plate sports two beautiful large roses, one red and one yellow. Shipping weight will be just over 1 pound.

Condition: Condition is excellent, just about like new, with no chips, cracks, crazing, scratches, or wear in the patterns. I do not see any wear in the gold trim either. The only signs of previous ownership I can find is some very mild wear and discoloration of the bottom base rings.

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